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Since 2017, we have been working in the field of applied Artificial Intelligence. Our projects ranged across various industries and across all sizes of corporations. But still, there have been recurring patterns that transformed into condensed learnings. Those learnings happened to be very helpful for early client discussions. That is why we would like to share them.

Learning 1: Expectation management is crucial

Before you start an AI initiative, please consider what your expectation is. By doing this pre-assessment, you make sure not to fall into the “magic-trap”. Don´t get me wrong, AI is a powerful hammer. But not every…

Why AI and Automation Technologies should provide impact beyond productivity.

As AI became a somewhat hyped collective noun for almost all kinds of digital technologies, the first question to clarify is its definition. There are various definitions out there categorizing the field along multiple dimensions. All of them are logic in its own way, but for this kind of analysis we need a practical view on AI.

The first industrial revolution lead to the automation of physical labor. Hard physical labour was gradually handed over to cranes, machines and robots. I guess today no one wants to work as a…

Upon arrival at work on a Monday morning, Joana, a relationship manager at a leading retail bank has her weekly meeting with her boss to discuss her targets. Last week, she noticed in her CRM that revenue from her existing customers had dropped down by 3% due to lost customers and decrease of business with the bank. Despite her best efforts to understand the causes, most surveys she sent remained unanswered and the handful of clients she called either did not answer or gave short and elusive responses. Not only there was not a clear path of action, but for…


Norders is an AI consulting firm that helps mid-sized companies to advance in AI and automation technologies.

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