Are We In a Productivity Hamster Wheel?

Source: “How the economic machine works” — Ray Dalio
  1. Don´t have debt rise faster than income,
  2. Don´t have income rise faster than productivity, and
  3. Do all you can to raise productivity
  1. Steam engine → trains → long distance travel → remote places → need for long distance communication (telegrams)
  2. Edison inventing the light bulb → GE digging up streets to wire cities and connect houses to the electricity network → the upcoming of new appliances → the cabling infrastructure being used for telephone lines
  3. Telephone lines built the foundation for the Arpanet → the arpanet advanced to the internet and was commercially used → the use of internet forced to participants to transform formerly analog data into digital data
  4. Increased digital data led to bigger needs for computational power and data storage → Data (information) is being stored in data warehouses → the accumulation of data (information) led to ideas in structuring and ultimately using data (information) across domains for different purposes → computational power and availability of digital data enable us to make use of algorithms that have been around for a long time → we call it AI and start to think what cognitive tasks it can do better than a human



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